A1: Lab Technicians - We Gave You Life
A2: Da Noyz Boyz - I Need Something Stronger
B1: Tom Carruthers - Fantasies Vinyl
B2: How & Little - Raise Your Hands

Super exclusive upfront copies of Tom Carruthers' Non Stop Rhythm label. A four-track compilation which brings together three, top drawer productions from '91 plus a new one from Tom himself inna authentic vintage stylee! Lab Technicians kick things off with the Sheffield-indebted bleep of "We Gave You Life". The only record these guys did, I'm not sure where they were from but this undeniably sounds like one of the early blueprints of Yorkshire bleep n bass. Da Noyz Boyz are up next with "I Need Something Stronger" - an ode to recreational drug use set to a skeletal jack beat and taken from their Nu Groove release: "The Myth". Carruthers gets the B-side underway with "Fantasies" and I have to say he's more than capable at recreating that old skool flavour. Nicely shuffled drum boxes, 303 and vintage keys working beautifully in unison. How & Little close off this retrotastic trip with "Raise Your Hands" - a breakbeat laden warehouse cut with catchy vox and gritty drums. Again, that prominent 'bleep' b-line poking away at the low register incessantly. Mega stuff that'll appeal to fans of Tone Dropout, I Love Acid / Balkan Vinyl, Chris Duckenfield's Primitive alias, DJ Absolutely Shit, Paranoid London and pretty much anyone with a passing interest in the fascinating world of UK dance music! BEEP BEEEEP!


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