label:FAR OUT (UK)


A. "Mariposa"
B. "Alone"

Continuing to shine a light on John Rocca & co°«s pioneering early 80s music, Far Out proudly presents the first ever 12°… release of Freeez°«s monster brit-funk classic °»Mariposa°…, along with the equally heavy and hard to find 12°… mix of °»Alone°….

The limited Mariposa/Alone 12°… release follows Far Out°«s reissues of Freeez°«s first two 12°… single releases °»Keep In Touch°… and °»Stay/ Hot Footing it°…, which saw support from Kenny Dope, Greg Wilson, Gilles Peterson, Shuya Okino and Harvey Sutherland.

Slightly more refined, but no less groovy and mysterious, °»Mariposa°… and °»Alone°… are the pinnacle of the sound Rocca and Peter Maas began developing in an East London basement in the early 80s.

Released on Freeez°«s debut album Southern Freeez in 1980, °»Mariposa '' is fearsomely funky, high-tempo, melodic jazz-funk featuring Paul Morgan°«s lighting drum fills, Peter Maas°«s slapping and popping, Andy Stennett°«s top-drawer keys and John Rocca°«s percussion and otherworldly Spanish vocals. Pure dance-floor body music, °»Mariposa°… typified the group°«s feel-good sound and has torn up club floors throughout the 80s and beyond.

With the same core line-up, with the exception of new drummer; Light Of The World°«s Everton McCalla, and Allison Gordon°«s silky smooth vocal, °…Alone°…, originally released as the B-side to Freeez°«s °»One to One°… single in 1982, is a cool, heady boogie stepper, and this elusive extended 12°… mix is a no brainer for any discerning jazz/funk boogie jock.

In the mid-80s Rocca would go onto craft underground cult classics like °∆Melodies of Love°« and °∆India°« as Pink Rhythm, before foraying into the world of electro, collaborating with legendary US producer Arthur Baker.

Limited to 1000 units worldwide, Freeez°«s Mariposa/Alone has been remastered and recut for 12°… vinyl (it sounds PHAT) and will be released by Far Out Recordings on the 16th September 2022.

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