label:R&S (BEL)


A1. My Sound
A2. The Melody
B1. Sub-Bass Experience
B2. The Reflex

There are techno classics, and there are techno classics! It°«s without doubt that Joey Beltram has played a pivotal role in the growth of the techno sound that gestated in Detroit and was lapped up in Europe during those early years. Beltram spearheaded a darker sound that became a staple in the UK and European rave scene in the early 90s, and a sound that continues to come back around for revival and a new twist on the genre from the producers and DJs of the day.

°∆Beltram Volume 2°« was first released on R&S Records in 1991, and despite the huge success of the °∆Energy Flash°« single, released a year prior, °∆Volume 2°«, some say, is °∆Beltram°«s definitive release on R&S°«. Deep, dark and deliciously hypnotic, all four cuts on this EP still sound as raw and devastating 30 years later. Big tunes at seminal clubs like Rage (Fabio & Grooverider) and the network of UK raves soundtracked by the likes of Carl Cox, Colin Faver, Eddie Richards et al, Beltram°«s unique sound help spawn the bass heavy drum & bass genre that was also burgeoning at the time.

°∆Beltram Volume 2°« has been remastered by Beau Thomas at Ten Eight Seven Mastering, and the release comes in an updated sleeve, faithfully recreating the 1991 packaging featuring Christel Brodahl°«s now legendary oil painting.

°∆Beltram Volume 2°« by Joey Beltram is available on R&S Records from 9th December 2022.

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