EXODUS (2x12 inch)

label:VEGA (US)


A1. Last Night Changed It All
B1. Crazy
C1. Being Free
C2. And So, She Waits
D1. The Exodus (of 21)
D2. Cranberries In Cream

Josh Milan has been recording music professionally for over 30 years.He's played every role from artist to engineer in the studio.This project, Honeysweet, focuses on his production and musicianship.Utilizing only one musician on sax, Josh plays every instrument and sings every note on this project. His songs are packed with soulful dance floor grooves inspired by iconic, soulful groups like Brian Auger, Cymande, Pleasure, Africano, Santana and others.

"I wanted to do music that made me and my family feel good when I was growing up. It's the kind of music that families dance to at gatherings with a record player and no DJ°…, says Josh. °»Intros, Accents, Breakdowns, Bridges, and endings were all part of the music.°… This music will transport Josh's audience to a place of musical freedom. This is music with, seemingly, no rules.

Josh Milan describes each track on the Honeysweet EP °»Exodus°… in his own words :

"Last Night Changed It All featuring Lawrence Clark on sax is the kind of groove that keeps its dance floor value while holding up the banner of true musicianship. This song was written after hearing a DJ set,where the DJ didn°«t seem to be concern about staying within a musical box. He played all sorts of music in one set. I knew then that I°«d branch out musically when recording.Rhodes, picked bass guitar, rhythm guitar and drum kit is all that's needed on this one.°…

"Exodus the manipulation of major and minor chords in this groove make it complex and interesting. The listener is lead by the organ solo featured here. The song is a mental escape. A mental exodus complete with bongo section.°…"Being Free is a message that captures the point of this entire project. Musical freedom and expression is where this project gets its fuel. Horns, are included on this production. A true expression of soulful music. Being free should be all the time I'm your mind all the time.°…

°»Cranberries and Cream is my tribute to funk grooves as they were featured on records in 70°«s. I°«m a fan of that sound and I like to play by own funk grooves when I°«m alone. This is one of the tracks on the ep I prefer to rock.°…

°»And So She Waits has eerie sounding pads in the background. They linger throughout the track. Popping in and out, as though they°«re waiting for something. You will hear the change in mood once she is no longer waiting. The groove returns to it°«s original state. Only she is no longer waiting, he is.°…

°»Crazy is me bringing the funk to dirty house music. Complete with house piano in the mix. The chords are unsettling. They are, in fact,Crazy. I though adding a horn arrangement to a house track like this would sound interesting and different.°…Honeysweet °»Exodus°… out at all digital outlets and double pack vinyl set.

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