artist:COLLINA presents TITO VALDEZ


label:IRMA (ITA)


A1. Tumbe (The Big Nowhere '92 Remaster)
A2. Tumbe (LTJ Xperience remix)
B1. Tumbe (Ricky Montanari Belle Epoque edit)
B2. Tumbe (Hill Paradise mix)

Italo-House classic °»Tumbe°… released in 1992 on Irma Records with Murk edits is here again with new fresh remixes. Cesare Collina aka Tito Valdez and Umberto Damiani join forces 30 years ago to make °»The big nowhere°… version; with percussions played by Cesare, tropical voices and trancy pads. On the remixes duties we have legendary Riviera hero Ricky Montanari, Dirty grooves master LTJ and the young House head Hill. Ricky found an unreleased remix jam of °»Tumbe°… he did in the 90s with his classic Riviera Traxx groove which doesn°«t need any presentation. LTJ made a slow version with his unique beat, accompanied by atmospheric pads, lovely electric guitar riff and classic Rhodes. Hill made a Paradise mix with dreamy Pianos, funky bassline and old school strings which goes to close this record in the best way.

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