A1. DVS1 - Lower Wacker Drive
A2. I:Cube - Folie Noire
B1. Marko East & Jordi Chu - Go Kart
B2. Like A Tim - Wonderline 1 (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
B3. Katerina - Meet Chu In My Dreams

Dial 303! The new and hopefully also durable sampler series on Running Back is here.

Dedicated to the twang of Roland’s silver baseline box with a varied string of artists: DVS1, Marko East & Jordi Chu (whose collaboration sparked the idea of a whole series), Like A Tim via Prins Thomas, Katerina and I:Cube.

The Parisian put it in a nutshell, too: „Although rinsed to death to the point of becoming a parody of itself, acid will last forever.“ Therefore, his Folie Noire is combining the original recipes with hypnotic European influences, while Marko and Jordi present a rough and direct 303-909 live jam, Prins Thomas puts his wickedest smile on Like A Tim’s Wonderline from 2005 and Katerina sets a lucid dream to sanguine music.

Finally, there is a rare and much desired musical outing by the unique DVS1. A direct ode to Chicago’s acid and beatdown styles and its Midwest companions, it is a heads-down-lights-down late night track made for driving up and down Lower Wacker Drive. Trippy trip artwork by the inimitable Gasius.

Trivia: If the piano is the bread of house music, the acid line is its butter!

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