artist:清水三恵子(MIEKO SHIMIZU)




A1 星の流れに
A2 夢の夢
A3 Indian Afternoon
A4 River House
A5 God Bless'The Child
B1 青の人
B2 桃
B3 風吹く頃
B4 渚の二人

The second album by Mieko Shimizu, a domestic Balearic/new wave masterpiece, is now available in analog form for the first time in the world! Mieko Shimizu is the younger sister of Yasuaki Shimizu, and is also known for her collaboration with him on his masterpiece "DEMENTOS", which is also popular overseas. Released in 1990, "Kai no Michi" is finally available on LP and contains many elements of world music that were just beginning to be popular at the time. From the late 80's to the present, Shimizu Mieko has been active in many ways, including releasing her music under the name Apache 61 on the label "daisyworld discs" run by Haruomi Hosono, and participating in solo works by Mick Karn and Masami Tsuchiya. After moving to the UK in 1987, she welcomed up-and-coming producer Dominique Breathes, then an up-and-coming producer who had worked on Depeche Mode and other projects, as well as the latest technology and musicians with a quirk or two, such as Gavin Harrison and Chris Cutler, and her brother Yasuaki Shimizu. This ambitious album is an ambitious piece of work that explores a new era of dance music. Indian Afternoon" is an exotic dance album with a Middle Eastern beat, solid trumpet tones, and chorus work. B1 "Blue People" and B2 "Peaches" featuring his brother Yasuaki's saxophone. A total of nine tracks, including B4 "Nagisa no Futari" with its mysterious Afro percussion and looping chorus. This is one of the best pieces of stateless exoticism that successfully digests the trends of the times!

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