1. Kansai
2. Dna
3. Kamakura
4. Mindscape
5. Inoue
6. Rain
7. Tea House
8. Suikinkutsu
9. Birds
10. Wave Notation
11. Postcards
12. The Matsuyama Mirror

The original environmental album from the Kyoto Connection available on Vinyl for the very first time. The album was composed, produced and recorded by Argentinian producer Facundo Arena over the course of one month in early 2018. A self trained musician and digital synths enthusiast, for this project Facundo wanted to move out of his comfort zone and compose the album purely using plugins and sequencing software on his iPad, running the songs directly onto tape, in this case his trusted 1978 Akai GXC-70D tape recorder.

Why an iPad? Facundo explains In the 1980s Japanese ambient producers experimented with hardware sequencers and computer sequencers on the Atari ST. Today thanks to IOS apps like Samplr, Korg Gadget and Fugue Machine its possible to experiment like the old days with new ways of composing and recording. Each track was recorded live into the Akai, so there were many takes to get the right result with each take recorded on the same cassette (recorded and erased over and over again) which helped to achieve an old tape saturation effect.

The image for the album is taken from an old original 1960s Japanese postcard featuring the famous Arashishama Bridge. The album is pressed on heavyweight 180 Gram Vinyl with sleeve design by Bradley Pinkerton.

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