A. Your Kissing ft. Elisabeth Troy
B1. Your Kissing ft. Elisabeth Troy (Belcampo Remix)
B2. Delisei

Every now and then a release comes along which is destined to unite, bring down the walls and basically, be a force for good. Your Kissing by Belcampo does just that, and with a style and panache which defies it’s lo-fi, handstamped limited white label aesthetic. The beauty of Your Kissing is in the way it successfully melds together elements of deep house, disco and the French Touch sound to form a track which will appeal to anyone who simply likes decent music. Belcampo keeps things stripped back just enough to give that beautiful, rolling, hypnotic atmosphere, whilst remaining lush, warm and uplifting, constantly teasing us with the repeated filtering guitar and string hook. Legendary British singer and songwriter Elisabeth Troy provides the cherry on top with her sweet vocal line giving us the hook which will get under your skin in all the right ways. In addition to the main vocal mix we have a Belcampo Remix going heavier on the filters and pumping groove, calling to mind the glory days of Cassius, Motorbass and Super Discount with that distinctive feel-good French sound of the 90’s. Closing out the EP we find Delisei which cranks up the jackometer for a peak time slice of looped-up heads down filter madness guaranteed to nice up the dance. .

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