label:SOUL CLAP (US)


A1 Funkadelic & Soul Clap ft. Sly Stone - In Da Kar (XL Middleton Remix)
A2 Underground System - Nmani (Zeynep Erbay Remix)
A3 Nona Hendryx - Keep Funkin for the World (FSQ Remix)
B1 FSQ ft. Fonda Rae & Chas Bronz - 11 am (Cosmodelica Remix)
B2 Lonely C ft. Kendra Foster - I Ain't Worried (Zopelar Remix)
C1 Life On Planets - Brotha (Dazzle Drums Stomp Mix)
C2 Nona Hendryx - Scream (Michael The Lion Remix)
C3 Ancient Deep - Hard To Fall (Liam Mockridge Remix)
D1 The Fitness & Pony - Sex I''m an Addict (Afriqua's 2 Live New Mix)
D2 John Camp ft Greg - Mistral (Charlie Soul Clap Remix)

People often ask why we started Soul Clap Records and I usually answer: “because we were receiving tons of unique demos by creative artists that we had to start a label.” 11 years later and that flowing faucet of incoming music is still the driving force behind the label. Sure, there is the Funk, House, Disco and multi-cultural influences in all of the music that we release, but it’s always the artists themselves who guide us.

I will never forget the feeling of excitement when Midnight Magic (the ultimate contemporary disco band) reached out with demos for the label, a collaboration that led to incredible releases, but also a deep connection with their community of New York musicians and producers. I still get that feeling whenever an artist that I respect or new artist brings us something fresh. It's a feeling of excitement to release the music, but more importantly, it's excitement for the endless possibilities created by building relationships with inspiring artists.

Over the years this ecosystem has also fed a mission to grow and support a local and global musical family. From the Crew Love collective that combined the vision of Soul Clap Records and Wolf + Lamb, to the Dancing On The Charles compilations that shined a light on our home town of Boston, the Italo Funk series that built a bridge with our community in Italy, and the Soul Clap Records Revue Tour, which showcased a moment when we had our deepest roots in New York City… our family continues to grow.

We’d like to acknowledge them, the artists that we have worked with over the years and who we remain deeply connected to as collaborators and friends: FSQ, Midnight Magic, Nick Monaco, Nona Hendryx, Greg Paulus, XL Middleton, Saucy Lady, Michael The Lion, Amy Douglas, Lele Sacchi, Zopelar, DJ Rocca, Funk Rimini, Zeynep Erbay, Liam Mockridge, Life On Planets, The Fitness & Pony, Chas Bronz and our fallen brothers Navid Izadi and Sa’d “The Hourchild” Ali.

As we begin the 11th year of Soul Clap Records, the need for community in music and in the world feels stronger than ever and we are truly grateful to have this kaleidoscopic group of artists, listeners, dancers and supporters to call our SCR musical family…

-Eli Goldstein (Soul Clap)


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