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A1 Every Cloud
A2 You Don't Send Slow Waves Anymore
B1 Every Cloud (Coastlines Remix)
B2 You Don't Send Slow Waves Anymore (Shu Suzuki Remix)

Forest Jams sticks close to recent original balearic/beach records like the Starving Daughters LP & Expositions EP with a 12″ by Simon Peter. Simon Peter has previously had his work showcased on labels such as Claremont 56, Aficionado, and Archeo Recordings, and now has two intimate, original balearic productions on the Forest Jams label. The B-Side of the record utilizes two remixes both from Japan. One from the duo Coastlines (Flower Records, Be With Records) with their signature down-tempo lush sound filled with beautiful piano work throughout and the other from newcomer Shu Suzuki who takes things on a non-stop psychedelic journey that’s both beautiful & mind-bending. Artwork by Ty Williams.

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