A1. "Scuba"
B1. "Scuba" (Apiento 4AM mix)
B2. "Scuba" (Apiento M25 mix)

Mysticisms travels again to Japan and reissues a long-term favourite in Little Big Bee's Scuba. Centred around Eitetsu Takamiya, DJ, engineer and producer of the project, and co-founder of Flower Records, joined by Plaza Fujisak on keyboards and Kenji Jinguj on bass. Started in 1996, the label has released a steady, but varied mix of Jazz and spiritual influenced House, Hip Hop, Future Jazz, Balearic and soulful modern Reggae to considerable acclaim. Released in 2006, Scuba is their Balearic house cut to end all Balearic house cuts. Gentle waves, crystal clear waters, over the reef, the raptures of the deep. Timeless. A classic and noticeably hard to find from the moment it was released, here at last it comes in original form and with 2 new remixes. The flip is handed over to long-time associate, Test Pressing head-honcho, Paul Byrne aka Apiento to present 2 wonderful versions. With cult like releases for World Unknown, Music For Dreams and World Building, Byrne dives deep with a beat heavy "4am Mix" and in the "M25 Mix", delivers pure ambient bliss for the drive home. Dive into the mystery. Duca returns in triumph. A winter in sabbatical, recuperating on THE WHITE ISLE. Finding solstice, a discovery made. Where wrong speed becomes right. A guitar homage for the archipelago. From beach to festival, club to Freddie's finca. Spanish Guitar Tune. A Pikes Anthem. An '87 Love in Dub. Gracias Alex !!


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