label:OSSIA (UK)


A1."Red X" (Vertigo version)
B1."Information" (Raw 2020 version)
B2."Drum Tangle" (Raw dub)

OSS001 - A self-released record with three previously unreleased versions & reworks of tracks from the last 7 years, originally released via Blackest Ever Black, Berceuse Heroique and Noods Radio.


"Red X, Information & Drum Tangle. Originally relesead via Blackest Ever Black, Berceuse Heroique and Noods Radio, respectively (go seek them out if you haven't yet!) - this self-released 12" features three previously unheard cuts & versions of recent time - dubbed, live & direct - straight from Ossia's mixing desk.

Red X, which was the title track to Ossia's debut solo record on Blackest in 2015, is served up on the A side of this record (now cut at 45rpm, so you can test it at slow motion dread speed too). This new cut is titled 'Red X (Vertigo Version)' and keen ears and eyes might recognise the additional inclusion of the String & electone organ part which appeared on the final track 'Vertigo' at the end of Ossia's recent album 'Devil's Dance'. The strings - played by the great Rakhi Singh - come searing in over the spring reverberated breakdown section, and burn over the final crescendo of the track - something Ossia had been testing out in live shows from time to time, but only recently commited to a proper recording - now also including extra splashes of echo & reverb over Peter Tosh's Red X vocal excerpts, for extra menace.

On the B Side, we get two dubwise versions, raw dub style - First up, 'Information' which came out on a 2 x 12" va Berceuse Heroique in 2016, gets the rework / dub mix treatment. Some of you might remember that the original 'Information' already had a version to it on the B side of it's original release, which explored an even more minimalist angle. Upping the energy levels for this counterpart, some years later, the 'Raw 2020 Version' on this new record features a reworked bassline which revolves into more stepping kind of techno territory - with the remnants of pads, and percussion getting squeezed through broken mixing desk faders, their echo'd signals left to feedback into the void as the bass tumbles down on you. Play it loud, or don't.

The final cut on this disc is also the most 'recent' - The original cut of Drum Tangle came out in 2021 on a various artists 12" via our friends at Noods Radio. We have the last copies of this 12" available here by the way - And if you don't already own it, then we'd recommend grabbing a copy of that one, so you can play this new version right after the original cut. Because, as in best Jamaican style dub tradition, the idea is that the dub should follow the original cut - allowing you to explore the foundations of the rhythm in a newly focused way. Plus, this part two, the 'Raw Dub' of Drum Tangle lets loose on those snares which were only teased in during the final part of the original Drum Tangle cut - listen closely and they might just whisper at you, whilst the bassline shudders below."


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