A1.Drivetrain - The Greatest (Hard Times Mix)
A2. Motomitsu - Bless
B1.Jani Ho - Mono Charge
B2. Owen Ni - Another Sunny Afternoon

A collaborative melting-pot takes the form of a luminous, candy-coated rhapsody

Drivetrain (Detroit, USA) The Greatest (Hard Times Mix) taking flavorful elements from his deep house original, this is a killer dose of thick-set, granular house-meets-techno; blissfully wrapped in plush, woozy, jazz-flecked overtones.

Motomitsu (Paris, FRANCE) - Bless perfectly appointed, synthetic strings rise and fall; back-dropping deep, purling bass, anesthetic keys and distant, wraithlike vocals drifting in and out of view.

Jani Ho (MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA) - Mono Charge club weaponry delivering an exhilarating, full-throttle ride through a menagerie of ever-shifting layers, which themselves are in a constant state of leg-sweeping flux.

Owen Ni (ATHENS, USA) - Another Sunny Afternoon a stratospheric, psyched-out house heater, fired up of aerial synthesizers, whisking off to beatific and unearthly sonic euphoria.

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