artist:MR. K




A Dynamic Superiors– I Can°«t Stay Away (Edit By Mr. K) 6:28
B Opus Seven– Hit & Run (Edit By Mr. K) 8:40

High-powered disco intensity is what this new slice of long-form goodness from Mr. K is all about, in the form of two neglected cuts rescued and fully refurbished by the master.

For our exclusive edit, Danny has boiled the Dynamic Superiors°« °»I Can°«t Stay Away (From Someone I Love)°… down to its most concentrated form, leaving us with a hard-charging, peak time, disco climax that leaves dancers no choice but to work up a serious sweat. Matching the intensity of the legendary breakdowns in °»I°«m Here Again,°… °»Don°«t Leave Me This Way,°… or even °»You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real),°… °»I Can°«t Stay Away°… is also an essential gay disco classic, with lead singer Tony Washington being a groundbreaking, proudly out lead singer whose voice surely influenced an up and coming Sylvester at the time. Check out his ad-libs, which Mr. K has made the focal point of his edit, and the similarities between Washington and Sylvester are inescapable. Released as a single in 1977, the song peaked at 27 on Billboard°«s Hot Dance/Disco chart. Krivit°«s edit uses the longer album version, which is appearing here in 12-inch long form for the first time.

The intensity follows through on our flip, another patented Mr. K extension that jumps right into the juiciest parts of the cut and doesn°«t let up. °»Hit and Run°… was first released on a single by the obscure Opus 7 in 1979 but didn°«t make as much noise as the slower, funkier tune it was paired with, °»Bussle.°… This edit rescues and rejuvenates the cut by eliminating everything but the transcendent ride out, extended to a glorious eight minutes in order to fully enjoy its pumping bass and Philly-style group harmonies.

This exclusive 12-inch has been mastered and pressed to our usual exacting standards, another killer club weapon for the serious DJs and dancers.

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