Crosstown Rebels




A1 Lipelis & Andy Butler - Generations of Sunsets
A2 Eternal Love- Kuasi Riviera
B1 Yu Su - Oil
B2 Benedek - Desperado

Polifonic Records is the melodic balance between antagonistic vibrations, spirits and energies that inhabit the land of Puglia since the dawn of time. An harmonic exploration into colorful, vibrant sunrise atmospheres and emotional, introspective sunset sensations. One Body. Many Souls. PF004 // The fourth vinyl of Polifonic Records label brings together artists from different cultures and ethnicities to create a seamless blend of sounds with diverse influences. Encompassing genres like house, Balearic beat, and acid, harmonized through ambient arrangements and 4-tothe-floor rhythm patterns to chill and groove to, this record is a material embodiment of the multicultural and polyhedric approach that Polifonic adopts throughout the multiple extensions of our projects. The first track Generations of Sunsets by Lipelis joining with Andy Butler from Hercules and Love Affairs, vividly illustrates the extent of their sonic palette: a journey that runs through a Balearic groove - also with the use of guitar - and expands the mind to exotic places keeping the body moving with its acid touch. Italian 90s riviera house meets percussions and ethnic grooves in the born new track from the Milano duo Eternal Love. Kuasi Riviera reflects perfectly the nature of Polifonic between clubby atmospheres and connection with the wild world. Then comes the darker side with Yu Su, who switches it up with new diversions in tempo and rhythm throughout Oil with a blend of deep basslines and obscure soundscapes contributing to this journey through space and time. Benedeks Desperado doesnt shy away from deep diving right back to the 90s Italian house overlapping bold soundscapes through the lens of a contemporary producer. Distinctive, immersive, and dauntless.

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