A1. "Acid Maasai Collecthiv"
A2. "Morisyen Acid"
B1. "Serengeti Acid"
B2. "Jua"

Especial welcomes the return of Akio Nagase, Osakas own 303 specialist, with a second EP of acid infused world music. After the success of his Asia orientated debut, here his ethno-inspired dance comes to and from Africa, the mother. With a history of making reggae influenced electronics under the Makedub alias, his development to acid master continues to showcase a skill at fusing samples, effects and found sound in a dub-desk mix that is body moving and catchy in one. With a mission to bring the music of the world closer, Acid Maasai Collecthiv sets the scene with TB 303 weaving around dub heavy bass, crossing the Athi river, seeking singers to raise spirits and bind. Countries and continents are tribes and with a reopening world, the dance should encompass all; open minds to bring unity. This is exemplified on the ethereal Morisyen Acid. Sound design, Mauritian samples - creole vibrating perfectly with Akios acid work and simple but effective predominately repetitive beats to uplift like the Tamarind sunrise. Acid mantra as mind-gateway continues with Serengeti Summer. An heir to Whoktish, this is not reggae. 808 and 303 in harmony; a jam of man, machine and samples to bring todays ethno-blue storytelling through consciousness. Closing is Jua, interweaving the fabric of life, passing down from generations the primal with the psychedelic beat to communal gathering, Akio presents the music with love and respect.

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