1 Formalaita
2 Cratera
3 Shoshin

Time to Play Records is back on track with a new ep destined to warm the hearts of house lovers. Filippo Tazzer, label manager and executive producer, continues in his spasmodic search for underrated talents, enhancing his talent, musical sensitivity and evident production skills. After having entrusted the baptism of the label to Reekee, the moment is propitious to introduce another Italian, Colosimo, to the scene with quality work that embraces different spheres of contemporary electronics. Shosin, the track that gives the ep its title, is a low-speed train that contaminates electro and deep and develops, between breathtaking pauses and thunderous returns, through new wave rhythms. Formalaita, then, brings out the most introspective part of Colosimo: slow pace, very full-bodied basses, hypnotic arpeggios, melancholic strings. A sort of genuine and not haughty reference to Larry Heard’s Alien masterpiece. Cratera closes Colosimo’s work by releasing a contagious energy made of dreamy house, Latin references and harmonies that refer to Caribbean atmospheres.


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