AXISDANCE (2x12inch)



1 Jacques Satre – La Traversée De Taillard
2 Hektisch Sprengen DJs & Listensport – Waterbomb (Acid Dub)
3 Poly Chain – Buspironum
4 JAI – Emotion
5 DJ Normal 4 – Basement Romance Memories
6 Listensport – Deleted Scenes
7 Gee Dee – Waterdance (Lunar Mix)
8 JAI – X Life
9 Johnmon – Coast Ryda
10 Mogwaa – Mesmerize
11 Imogen Soundsystem – Original Sin
12 Hektisch Sprengen DJs – Cosmic Reisen

Another Terra Magica release is coming! The new ‚Axisdance‘ - Various Artists (TERRAM003) double-vinyl 12″ compilation coming out this summer August/September on Terra Magica Rec. With artists from all over the world such as Poly Chain, Mogwaa, Jacques Satre, Jai, DJ Normal 4, Imogen Soundsystem – Ilija Rudman and Antonio Zuza], Gee Dee, Rambal Cochet, Listensport, Johnmon and Hektisch Sprengen DJs. Every track has its own spirit, in a kind of a 90s journey way. The compilation is a fascinating mixture of weird cosmic and slow goa vibes to more emotional places with powerful bassdriven downtempo techno and slightly trance influenced anthems as well as distinctive tribal acid easiness with epic melodies. Furthermore it involves faster loaded minimal hypnotic synth sounds and dark UK-House with a big-beat touch to it. Raw liquid floating old skool breaks melts into rave stompers which are inhabited by sensitive living microbes vibrating jungle atmospheres.

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