artist:SALLY C




A1. OG Chunker
B1. Let°«s Get This
B2. Turn That

°»Give me a chunky bassline, banging drums and a weird vocal – that°«s the holy trinity! Simplicity is key - less is always more°… – Sally C

The past 12 months have stamped Sally C as one of the industry°«s most exciting breakthrough DJ talents. She°«s graduated from putting on parties at Griessmühle, to throwing down a masterclass Boiler Room debut at AVA Festival, gigs at Berghain°«s Saüle and Melt! Festival, alongside tireless zig-zagging across the UK and her native Ireland. At the same time, she°«s impressed heads with a large catalogue of outstanding online mixes, ensuring that if you hadn°«t seen her play in the flesh, you sure as hell know she can lay it down like no other.

Alongside breaks, techno rollers and long lost second hand cuts, it°«s Sally°«s deep passion for the golden era of hip house and the sounds of 88°« - 98°« that have really shaped her raw and chunky style and inspired her first productions and eponymous label Big Saldo°«s Chunkers. A homage to the era she°«s so obsessed with, if you will.

The three-track work encompasses tried and true bangers ready for the rave. °∆OG Chunker°« will be familiar to those who°«ve followed her closely stretching back to her acclaimed Boiler Room last summer, popping with its hiplashing groove, rapid-fire vocal sequence and in your face rides. °∆Let°«s Get This°« is a no-nonsense Chicago-inspired ghetto pumper, driven by low-slung bumping bass and a catchy vocal. °∆Turn That°« favours deep tribal grooves, ravey sirens, scratch effects and a bassline that fills your stomach. Chunker mode ignited.

Who is Big Saldo? °»Big Saldo is a nickname friends gave me; it°«s my rowdy care-free side which comes out a lot when I DJ and is now channelled into my productions. I wouldn°«t call her an alter ego, rather an essence of who I am; more confident, no holds barred, bullshit-free. It°«s also the intention behind the Chunkers. Raw and ready cuts ripe for the club. What you see is what you get.°… – Sally C

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