Crosstown Rebels
artist:MORI RA




A1. "Gaia Caos"
A2. "Goreate"
B1. "Gaia Disco"
B2. "Penguins Repair"

Mori Ra strikes back at MM Discos with °»Gaia Edits", after the successful release back in May on the label of the °»portuñol°… duo, Da Silva and Dj Katah welcome again Osaka°«s best record collector with 4 new high quality editions. Staying loyal to his eclecticism, Mori Ra approaches this time a lil more to the dancefloor by doing a more hedonistic work than his previous release on °»MM Discos°… , an exuberant °»disco-no-disco°… exercise mixed with ethnic references, wicked percussion, charming marimbas and an endless of psychedelic elements. A record done for the soul; spiritual, mystic, highly addictive and 100% danceable. A very special release where the Japanese artist has involved his son who helped with choosing the sound source for this record. Enjoy the trip! :)

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