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MENERGY -pre-order-

label:UNIDISC (CA)

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A1. "Menergy" (Purple Disco Machine remix)
A2. "Menergy" (Purple Disco Machine remix instrumental)
B1. "Menergy"
B2. "Menergy" (feat Sylvester)
B3. "Menergy" (reprise)

With Unidisc 40, the past and future meet in a special 40th anniversary package to celebrate one of the most revered music labels in history. Throughout 2021, the label will be unveiling a collection of remixes of Unidisc's greatest hits, with an all-star cast of modern day producers to equal Unidisc's eighties roster. In the 80s, electronic music pioneer Patrick Cowley and the Queen of Disco himself, Sylvester, sprinkled magic onto dancefloors with their #1 dance hit ‘Menergy’, a celebration of the gay club scene. 40 years later, leading producer Purple Disco Machine effortlessly infuses his unmistakable sound in his deep funk remix of the track. Equipped with laser sound effects, a joyride of buildups and breakdowns, cascading synths and Sylvester’s God-like, dancefloor voice commanding all to let loose. PDM proves this is a decade-defying affair, and everyone's invited.

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