A1 Vagabundo Club Social - Costero
A2 Monsieur Van Pratt - Jazz Player
B1 Infradisco - Aungasana
B2 Roland & Brother Rich - Roger Moore's Living Room

Tropical Disco Records have once again delivered four scintillating feel good summer disco jams courtesy of the latest edition of their well loved vinyl series. Perfect for those gloriously sunny outdoor events, BBQ°«s and beach parties alike their latest EP is another must have slice of black gold. Scouring the globe for the freshest cuts Volume 22 is another multinational affair combining the skills of Colombian duo Vagabundo Club Social, Mexico°«s Monsieur Van Pratt, Italy°«s Infradisco and New York°«s Roland & Brother Rich. Opening affairs are the hugely exciting duo Vagabundo Club Social with their track °∆Costero°«. They are producers who nimbly fuse dusty Latin grooves with cutting edge production techniques and dancefloor know-how and here have delivered yet another feel good dancefloor smash. °∆Costero°« is quite simply a DJ°«s dream track which will do the business at any end of the set whether you need to get the crowd on the floor or tear the proverbial roof off. Mexico is currently at the leading tip of the disco charge and Monsieur Van Pratt is one of the stand-out producers from a country bursting with talent. °∆Jazz Player°« pulls absolutely no punches combining jazz cool with disco know-how for a track which wins on all counts. Sublime brass solos sit atop a huge funky gem of a bassline. °∆Jazz Player°« will tear dance-floors up worldwide as the world starts to rediscover its long since packed away dancing shoes. Italy°«s Infradisco is up next with °∆Aungasana°« and it°«s the perfect track to follow on combining many of the traits that both Vagabundo Social Club and Monsieur Van Pratt utilised on their tracks. Expect huge jazzy horns, funky bass and tribal vocals building up to a monstrous organ groove which raises proceedings to fever pitch. Infectious and energetic, it°«s another seriously classy dancefloor moment. Closing out the EP are New Yorkers Roland & Brother Rich with the exquisitely titled °∆Roger Moore°«s Living Room°«. Paying homage to the James Bond legend it°«s the ideal track to sip brandy and toast the characters of yesteryear in that velvet smoking jacket you have always wanted. Deep and Jazzy with the essence of the 70s flowing through it°«s DNA °∆Roger Moore°«s Living Room°« is a track so effortlessly cool that even Blofeld would be throwing some shapes. Tropical Disco°«s Volume 22 is a sublime selection of timeless and wonderfully cool tracks which will be the perfect accompaniment to sun soaked events this summer and well beyond. Support across Mi Soul & House FM.

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