A1 Javi Frias - Push Me
A2 Hurlee - Brasilia
B1 Fun Kool feat. Eruptia & Anna Dee Tee - Jam Now
B2 Brothers In Arts - What’s Wrong

Hot on the heels of their precursory release, Tropical Disco Records make a bold return, this time being the first outing to not include label head honchos, Moodena and Sartorial. The opener from Javi Frias is an effortlessly enchanting elision. 'Push me' pairs bolshy drums and brass, with an infectious vocal line, sure to demand any dancefloors immediate attention. Frias' is the booker and resident DJ for Madrid's infamous disco and boogie hub, Discotizer, and his ear for producing unrestrained party bombs clearly echoes this. A nipped and tucked tribal drum workout carries the off kilter energy through on Hurley's 'Brasilia'. It's a slick, swagged out and heads down affair, realised with cool licks of sax and vocal snips. The rhythm takes you up and then deep down like breast stroking through the adriatic. On the flip, Fun Kool introduces original vocals from Eruptia and Anna Dee Tee. It's hard to resist 'Jam Now' once the filter snaps down and the drums pump through with a thick wad of compression. Burley vocals lend sublime atmosphere to an already dreamy plethora of classic disco house sensibilities. Lyon based DJ and production outfit, Brothers in Arts round off the EP with 'What's Wrong'. The track evoke memories of hazy summer dancing, through a deep, poignant voice building up to a titialiting first drop. Once the track struts to life with liquid bass and subtle, shimmering strings, the formula shines starry bright. Whether it's teasing in the warm up or bolstering into peaktime - this is hybrid party tackle, a soulful, classy mechanic that Tropical Disco achieves flawlessly.

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