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1 Rêveur
2 Rêveur (Instrumental)
3 Rêveur (Flemming Dalum Edit)
4 Rêveur (Spaziale Edit)

The next 12°Ū that Forest Jams proudly presents is the official re-issue of Nathalie Letertre°«s °∆Rêveur°«. The lush beauty of this French electronic synth-pop single was recorded in 1986 at R.B.O. Studios of which Titan Records was a connected label. Although the vinyl recording eluded many DJ°«s and collectors of today, Nathalie and °∆Rêveur°« did enjoy local success at the time of its release. The popularity of °∆Rêveur°« upon its 1986 arrival could have been attributed to it°«s airing on the °»Free Radios°… of post-1981 France and Nathalie°«s several appearances on the regional °∆FR3°« TV Station and at the forest-encircled, emblematic °∆Châlet°« nightclub (1962-2010) in Strasbourg. This re-issue includes the original and instrumental versions transferred from the original tape as well as two fresh edits from the likes of Flemming Dalum & Spaziale.

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