A1. Can't We Just Sit Down And Talk It Over
A2. Just Can't Walk Away
A3. You Don't Have To Say
A4. Hands Full Of Nothing
B1. We Fell In Love While Dancing
B2. Baby, Love Is A Two Way Street
B3. You Made My Life So Bright
B4. No Danger Of Heartbreak Ahead

Superb late 70's soul set for all the steppers out there. Bill Brandon's sole long player is a truly rare beast to spot in the wild. Having never been repressed on vinyl since it's 1977 release, this s/t effort is a true soul connoisseur's dream and features a plethora of noted session players and of course the production prowess of the cult Jesse Boyce and Moses Dillard partnership. All in all a top top shelf addition to any self-respecting soul fans collection and selection. Fully and legitimately reissued here in its entirety to help ring in Canadian music powerhouse Unidisc's 40th anniversary. This one is an essential and will certainly be on a lot of people's wants lists - do not sleep!

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