Athens of the North




A1. "Misunderstood" (5:04)
A2. "What I Had Done" (3:57)
A3. "I Am Living" (2:08)
A4. "Here" (4:08)
A5. "Deserve Something" (4:41)
A6. "Sorry" (5:20)
B1. "Stories" (4:53)
B2. "Half Human" (3:45)
B3. "Flower" (4:13)
B4. "Untold" (2:34)
B5. "FEAR" (3:28)
B6. "Misunderstood" (reprise) (1:46)

Following a debut solo single late last year, Georgie Sweet - a protege of fellow Futuristica Music artist Deborah Jordan - has finally got round to laying down and releasing her debut solo album, Misunderstood. It was produced in cahoots with a "dream-team" of fellow Futuristica artists (think Simon S, Marc Rapson, Mecca:83, L15 and Theo Howarth) and presents a warm, emotive brand of contemporary soul and future R&B that cannily combines head-nodding MPC beats and attractive electronics with tasty live instrumentation. Throughout, Sweet's slick, effortlessly soulful vocals - some solo, others multi-tracked and layered - provide the headline attraction. As debuts albums go, it's undeniably impressive.


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