Best Record Italy




A1 Idol Eyes 4:48
A2 Letting Go 3:45
A3 Summer Sun 4:49
B1 Lovesong 9:18
B2 Secret Song 3:54

It’s all a dialogue between God and science / spirituality and technology, and how they intertwine and interact with each other, and what that means for the world. I wanted to touch on some classic vibes and sounds from multi-decades and create something nutritious for the mind, body and soul. Full of love and unity for a world that is so divided. The lyrics of Idol Eyes represent a utopia of sound, where music is religion and the gods the song. People keep on moving and they sing along, this feeling is a heaven where we all belong. It’s a realisation of how we are all the same, and only societal constructs pull us apart. Getting high and making love. Those two things are some of the simplest of human desires ~ UPDATE 09/04/2021 ~ 1000 more records have arrived and they will be available on here plus elsewhere :) Maximum Love,

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