A1 Snowbank Social Club 1
A2 Catch Me in the Snow 〜銀世界でつかまえて〜
A3 Night Flight Telephone Call
B1 Winter Rouge Mellow
B2 Silver Wind 〜移りゆく季節〜
B3 Snow Storm Loneliness
C1 Frozen Horizon
C2 Chocolate Neverland
C3 Diamond Dust
D1 Snowbank Social Club 2
D2 Park Suite
D3 Awakening Town

The popular winter-themed album is now available on 2LP in white color vinyl! Their seventh album, Snowbank Social Club, released on CD in 2014 and released in analog the following year in an LP+7" format, is now available on 2LP for the first time on white color vinyl! This is a concept album with a theme of winter, featuring Kunimondo Takiguchi (Streamline), DORIAN, KASHIF, as well as PUNPEE, tofubeats, LUVRAW & BTB, grooveman Spot and Avec Avec. The romantic synth-pop song "Catch Me in the Snow - Catch Me in the Snow - Catch Me in the Silver World" is filled with shimmering synths and the sound of bells. PUNPEE's smooth flow and Hitomi's lustrous voice on the mid-boogie "Night Flight Telephone Call". The album contains 12 songs including "Silver Wind - Migrating Seasons", a dance number with a flowing string arrangement and a poignant melody reminiscent of 80's songs, which colors the world of silver. The album artwork was designed by art director Takumi Yuge, who has designed every album since "CITY DIVE".

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