Crosstown Rebels


label:DDS (UK)


1. Ocean 7 05:16
2. Lake 2 06:54
3. Yes 07:55
4. Lake 3 07:14
5. Rain 3 07:35
6. Loop 1 02:31
7. Ocean 1 08:50

Shinichi Atobe”Ēs fifth album for DDS, his first in two years. Deep and sublime, the classic Chain Reaction < > Chicago House vibe, but this time with a swarming Drexciyan undercurrent, somewhere between DJ Sprinkles, Dopplereffekt and The Other People Place, and yet still 100% Shinichi. It”Ēs odd working with an artist without ongoing dialogue; no context or an exchange of ideas. It”Ēs all conjecture. Here's another CD of material in the post from Shinichi, two years more or less since the last one. No words except for the track titles. Oh, a photo this time. ”ĘYes”Ē, positivity, hope. But the album starts with a dystopian vision; something like Dopplereffekt”Ēs sound-chemistry experiments, a tense builder. Big optimistic chasms open up, the Piano House euphoria of the title track, beautiful sunset closer 'Ocean 1”Ē. But there”Ēs a noticeable change too. 'Lake 2”Ē is more fraught sci-fi, 'Lake 3”Ē a sort of percussive Chain Reaction monster, 'Loop 1”Ē, on a Drexciyan tip. It”Ēs all coated in that weird - some people say infuriating - toppy production, witnessed this time in a more tempered and different formation courtesy of an amazing Rashad Becker master, all precise but loosely swung arrangements. Everything slow to unfurl but, also, everything in exactly the right place.

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