PL (2xLP)



A1 Starting Fights
A2 The Boombox Affair
B1 Nobody Watching
B2 The Music
B3 Angel Of Hell
C1 Drum Machine
C2 Blue-Ish
C3 Cult Hero (Do You Wanna Touch Me)
D1 Sly Is Watching
D2 (Vi-Vi) Vicious Games

When it comes to jackin' Chicago style acid house revivalism, few can hold a candle to Paranoid London. As this long-awaited second album proves, the duo is the undisputed masters of sweaty, TB-303 driven jack-tracks and - as recent single "(Vi-Vi) Vicious Games" and LP opener "Starting Fights" prove - classic-sounding vocal cuts that recall the glory years of Fingers, Inc in the mid-to-late 1980s. Interestingly, "PL" boasts far more collaborations than we've seen from Paranoid London before, including a string of ragged club cuts blessed with evocative spoken word vocals, a thrusting acid throb-job with lead vocals by Simon Topping and a suitably twisted, machine-driven hook up with Arthur Baker and Alan Vega (the raw and weighty "Angel Of Hell").

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