A Boomerang
B Boomerang (Demo Version)


Crown Ruler Records returns with a slab of unreleased disco-funk from Miami musician, Aaron Broomfield. HEAVY tune, in two mixes.. TIP °»Boomerang°… was first recorded in 1979, when the Broomfield Corporate Jam leader was attempting to plot a solo career. It was the first cut Aaron Broomfield recorded under his own name – Initially, at the family band°«s home studio, Kilimanjaro, and later at professional studios in L.A and Miami – but it was never released. °»I always wanted to be able to share °∆Boomerang°« with my fans some day – I didn°«t release it back then because I thought the time wasn°«t right,°… Broomfield explains. °»It was so different to what was considered commercial then and felt ahead of its time.°… Before deciding against releasing it, Broomfield had two test pressings made. It was the accidental discovery of the one remaining record by digger Arun Brown (the other perished when Broomfield°«s Kilimanjaro studio was damaged by a fire in 1996) that set in motion the chain of events that finally led to its release. The jacket boasts a written essay by Broomfield himself, telling the remarkable story behind the song. The wax features the two versions of Boomerang, of which both were meticulously restored and re-mastered by celebrated Australian sound engineer, Dan Elleson. Head to side A for the °»test press°… version, a cosmic, starry-eyed chunk of elastic Miami disco-funk where the Broomfield family°«s killer instrumentation – all rubbery bass, deep space synths and crunchy Clavinet motifs – arcs around the sound space like a boomerang in flight. The vocal arrangement, in which Aaron Broomfield°«s conscious lyrics come through loud and clear, brings it home. On the flipside, you°«ll hear how dynamic the band was through the °»Demo Version°… - a relaxed, loose and spacey groover that sounds as ahead of its time in 2018 as it would have when it was recorded in 1979.

A Boomerang

B Boomerang (Demo Version)

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