Athens of the North


label:SNAKER (JPN)


A1. Snakey
A2. What Once Was Is No More
A3. Dukkha
A4. Free Yourself From The Misery Of A Existence
A5. Worship The Wang
A6. Elisa Hope
B1. Transfer 2 Nangijala
B2. Dream Dream
B3. Dream Light
B4. Funky BMW
B5. Recover The Baton
B6. Shower


The 8th edition of Snaker features MaxxxBass, teamed up by Samo DJ & MaxxxBass, Samo have released from labels such as L.I.E.S. and The TrilogyTapes and etc, and also runs a stockholm based label 'Born Free' with his friend Sling. Maxxxbass is a known mystery for his cassette release on Born Free called 'Is Techno Camping' The two of them also sometimes known as KWC92, is going to show us their borderless, ageless cinematic soundscape like a never seen Sci-fi movie. Enjoy thier point of view of the Snaker theme 'On-time library music'

A1: Snakey

A2: What Once Was Is No More

A3: Dukkha

A4: Free Yourself From The Misery Of A Existence

A5: Worship The Wang

A6: Elisa Hope

B1: Transfer 2 Nangijala

B2: Dream Dream

B3: Dream Light

B4: Funky Bmw

B5: Recover The Baton

B6: Shower


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