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A1 Raign
A2 Swifts
B1 Red Herring
B2 Uwawau


If you remember this post about SUED Records, then youll know I spend quite a lot of time tracking down enigmatic producers and trying to make sense of them, their music, and their associations. Recently, I came across an amazing new EP from an artist Ide never heard of, released on a label with absolutely zero known presence, so I went on the wild goose chase once again. So here we go Dont DJ is Florian Meyer, a member of the Institut Feur Feinmotorik known for their reductionist set-up of 8 turntables, 4 DJ mixers, and end-mixer called an octogrammoticum. IFF is a German artist/DJ collective that makes everything from photography to computer code. One interesting aspect of this collective is their use of a prepared turntable much like that of John Cages prepared piano. While on the trail of Dont DJ, I came across a whole bunch of website from to to Dont DJs tumblr rotary-system, a video compilation of odd synthesizers and other weird instruments from around the web. Each website was full of .gifs and links to each other or maybe nowhere at all. Feel free to explore them on your own. Meyer also has a side project, The Durian Brothers. Self described as, an experimental approach to contemporary club-music [] too slow, a bit messy, somewhat costly and at times excessive. Watch the video below to get a taste of their live set up.
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