artist:DMX KREW


label:GUDU (GER)


A1. Return To Jupiter
A2. Altered Chords
B1. U Ain°«t Really Down
B2. I Love Juan

Today [21st March 2023] DMX Krew announces his return to Peggy Gou's Gudu Records with a new four-track EP, sharing the dreamy, Detroit-inspired title track, °∆Return to Jupiter°«.

The full EP - out 14th April 2023 - will be his second release for the label and Gudu°«s first release of 2023, set to be the label°«s busiest year yet.

Ed DMX made his debut for Gudu with 2019°«s Don°«t You Wanna Play? EP, becoming the first artist to release on the label outside Peggy herself. Ed and Gudu have retained a regular working relationship ever since: he mastered Indonesian crate-digger Dea°«s °∆Glazer Drum°« release for Gudu, contributed a pair of remixes to the reissue of Riff°«s South African electro curio °∆Jacks Jive°«, and now returns to the label with Return to Jupiter, a new original four-track EP.

Ed has been one of electronic music°«s most respected faces for over 25 years. Debuting in the mid-1990s, he released his first decade of music almost exclusively through Grant Wilson-Claridge and Aphex Twin°«s Rephlex label and his own Breakin°« imprint, but recent years have seen him ply his trade across a who°«s who of dance music°«s most respected underground labels: including Hypercolour, Balkan Vinyl, Central Processing Unit and, of course, Gudu.

Inspired by the futurist funk and vivid synthesiser epics of classic Detroit, °∆Return to Jupiter°« is dripping with richness and colour, driven by the sort of thick analogue basslines and distinctive melodies that have come to define Ed°«s catalogue. The EP°«s title track sets the tone for what°«s to follow, introducing a language of sorts for the record - before °∆Altered Chords°« turns the funk up to 11, °∆U Ain°«t Down°« aims its distorted kicks and wiggy, manipulated lead straight at peak time dancefloors, and °∆I Love Juan°« closes the EP on a star-gazing tip.

Founded by Peggy Gou in 2019, Gudu releases music from a global roster of artists, including DMX Krew, Maurice Fulton, Hiver, Dea, Mogwaa, Brain de Palma, Dukwa, JRMS and Peggy herself (including the hits °∆Starry Night°«, °∆I Go°« and °∆Nabi°«). 2023 will see Gudu°«s busiest year to date, with new releases scheduled from the current roster and some exciting new faces.

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