artist:THE MR. K EDITS




A. Like A Prayer (Mr K's Churchapella Edit)
B. Ha-Ya (Eternal Life) (Edit By Mr. K)

Mr. K goes Gospel on the latest seven from Most Excellent Unlimiteds series of collaborations with the master editor. As is often the case, both of these edits are appearing on vinyl, and on 45, for the first time, with all the hallmarks of MEUs commitment to quality.

A massive favorite with audiences whove attended Danny Krivits sets around the world, his Churchapella edit of Madonna's Like A Prayer" is finally on wax. One of the singers greatest tracks, it has always fascinated with its combination of the sacred and the profane, leaving it up to the listener whether she is referring to a secular or holy love. In Krivits hands, focused largely on the undeniably massive sound of the Andre Crouch Choir, the divine nature of the lyrics shine through. Uplifting, moving, even transcendent when presented at the right moments, its both an inspiring piece of music and a seriously powerful DJ tool.

Like A Prayer is paired on the flip side with a fantastic edit of the Clark Sisters funky, slinky rare groove classic Ha-Ya (Eternal Life). Never officially released on 7-inch before, Krivit has taken the loose original recording and given it a steady pulse not by adding post-production elements, but via his experienced hand at building a musical movement that audiences will respond to. A slight tempo change, a bit of careful repetition, and at last connoisseurs of the smaller format vinyl have a definitive version of this powerful song.

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