A Jibaro (Enrolle) (Long Version) 7:25
B Jibaro (Aperitivo) (Short Version) 3:24

A true Balearic classic. One of a handful of records that can comfortably boast this title, Elkin & Nelson's 1979 classic 'Jibaro' sits in the canon of selections that enlightened the ears of the jet-set and globe trotting music fanatics in the heady and much storied years of the White isle in the 1980's. The Colombian brothers Javier and Leon Marin Velez brought their own rustic brand of folksy-Rock-Psychedelia to the listening public in 1974 with their debut LP 'Angeles Y Demonios' on Columbia records. The brothers had relocated to Spain, snared a major label deal and ran with it. The first of 3 LP's it proved a big hit in later years with adventurous DJ's and selectors. A cult record you might say. Of course, this LP featured 'Jibaro' in all it's forms, but it is this 1986 reissue 12" promo pressing with it's iconic, distinctive jacket that was the coveted slab sonic adventurers were seeking. Fully sanctioned and legitimately remastered from the original sources and packaged in it's original Columbia promo sleeve 'Jibaro' is back on the shelves, still an incredible record that gets pulled by the most discerning selectors across the globe. A true classic, featured here in it's long and short versions as per the '86 release. Absolute top-shelf stuff here, essential, must own and classic.


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