artist:SOUL CLAP


label:SKYLAX (FR)


A1. Sueño Hebreo
A2. Sueño Hebreo (Music Apella)
B1. Sueño Hebreo (Lauer Remix)
B2. Sueño Hebreo (Beat Apella)

The boston duo, the mighty Soul Clap, international stars goes balearic with one of their biggest track to date, the fabulous SUENO HEBREO ! It is a great pleasure to welcome them on Skylax Records. This track is like no other, unidentified sound object in sight, imagine the happy and improbable collision of sueno latino & the ibizenco spirit & sound popularized by alfredo and you can imagine the devastating effect this 12 inch will have on the dancefloor. As a bonus, an atomic remix crafted by the master Lauer which adds an early house touch (cece peniston finally atmosphere). Close your eyes you are in 1989. No in fact you are in 2022 & these madmen compile 35 years of music in the space of 6 minutes 40 seconds. The circle is complete.


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