A1 Andy Bach – Needin'You
A2 Kikko Esse - Reloaded
B1 Sam Pills – New Day
B2 Sartorial – Booty Call

Tropical Disco Records continue to build on the rock-solid foundations of their now essential °∆Volumes°« series. They are unleashing yet another slice of black gold for the collectors and DJ°«s out there giving some of their finest cuts that ultimate honour of being cut onto much loved vinyl.

Volume 26 combines some of the finest established and up and coming producers from across Europe with German don Andy Bach and Italy°«s Kikko Esse lining up alongside the UK°«s Sam Pills and label co-boss Sartorial.

Andy Bach has been making a huge reputation for himself over the last decade with non-stop flow of ridiculously smooth house tracks. EP opener °∆Needin°« You°« shows just why he has become such a go-to producer for DJ°«s across the globe. Combining a classic smooth piano house vibe with disco edges and a speaker shaking acid top line this is a track which exudes cool. From the poolside to the peak-time °∆Needin°« You°« is a serious DJ tool which will unlock many a dancefloor over the coming months and beyond.

Bari°«s Kikko Esse has built a strong following with his ridiculously funky sun infused take on house music which combines disco ethos with soulful house grace. °∆Reloaded°« takes all the touches that Kikko is fast becoming renowned for and adds in boundless energy. A pulsating bassline, incredible brass solos, funk-heavy guitar licks and hooky vocal loops all vibe together perfectly for a 2am dancefloor sensation. He°«s a talent to watch for sure.

Opening the flip side is Manchester°«s relative newcomer Sam Pills whose Balearic take on house continues to turn heads with °∆New Day°«, a Blues infused groover. Best sampled next to an Ibizan pool, sun blazing down Daiquiri in hand it°«s smooth, effusive, and hypnotic courtesy of some exuberant guitar playing. °∆New Day°« has summer 2022 written all over it.

The final EP track is °∆Booty Call°« which sees Sartorial in a playful mood delivering some ridiculously tasty brass laden broken beat funk. The hugely captivating vocal draws the listener into its warm embrace refusing to let go until the very last beats float off to after-party heaven. This is a showstopper of a track which can expect endless boat party, club, and carnival spins.

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