DAYLIGHT (7inch) -pre-order-

label:VONG45 (UK)


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A Daylight (Main Version)
B Daylight (88 BPM Mono Version)

Neatly packed onto a Vong45 7" - reissued in this case for the Japanese market, with artwork by Jet Set - the West Loop Chicago crew are back at it again with more of that sultry finery, with their eyes set squarely on the lounge. The main version of 'Daylight' is a blissful treat, all languid Rhodes and low slung funk which doffs its cap to Roy Ayers on its mystical voyage to the outer reaches. On the flip, we get treated to an 88 BPM mono version of the track if you need even more of that vintage flavour, coming on like a deep cover 70s cut with a sound that pours out of the speakers like melted butter. Spread it on your toast and take yourself away to somewhere sunny, whatever the weather.

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