A1 - Graviton
A2 - Clear
B1- Figure 8
B2 - Fluorite
B3 - Photon
C1 - Clear Away
C2 - The Vanishing Point
C3 - Afterglow
D1 - Wavy Flame
D2- Blue Devided by Blue

Takayuki Shiraishi is no stranger to Camisole Records. With projects like BGM, MLD (CAM022) or Tristan Disco (CAM023) he is considered as one of the most prominent figures of underground Japanese music.

Following those 80's industrial projects he continued his path and recorded numerous electronic tracks without forgetting his experimental roots.

After an EP on the highly revered label Apollo with his alias "Planetoid", he released on a very limited run his first album "Photon" only on cd in 1997. Mixing Techno and Ambient, those works were recorded between 1987 and 1996 to create a trancey ride of dreamy tunes. A journey through spectral dances and afterglows, dreamy incantations and Solar rituals devoted to euphoria. Experimental techno who never forget to keep your mind and body aware.

We are really proud to give this album the attention it deserves with a Double Vinyl LP reissue remastered by Krikor Kouchian.

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