STR4TASFEAR (2LP) -pre-order-


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A1. "City Sounds" (7:32)
A2. "Turn Me Around" (5:22)
B1. "When You Call Me" (4:54)
B2. "Night Flight" (5:26)
B3. "Soothsayer" (feat Theo Croker) (2:52)
C1. "Why Must You Fly" (feat Omar) (4:17)
C2. "To Be As One" (feat Theo Croker) (6:26)
C3. "(Bring On The) Bad Weather" (feat Anushka) (4:55)
D1. "Lazy Days" (feat Emma-Jean Thackray) (5:42)
D2. "Find Your Heaven" (feat Valerie Etienne) (5:09)
D3. "Virgil" (4:13)

Brownswood Recordings have become something of a meme, cementing their very distinct jazz sound with every new release. Str4ta's 'Str4tasfear' is the latest LP from the project (which consists of Gilles Peterson and Jean Paul Maunick), painting a vague party-jazz homage to the dawn of the Brit-funk era, but they're not being too succinct about any overarching message beyond that. The songs here are danceable, and that's their main focus. 'Lazy Days' is the drawer-inner - with Emma-Jean Thackray's singing lulling us into a state of preferring not to go to work - while 'Night Flight' opens the bay doors into an instrumental space lounge. All sizzlers.

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