artist:EARLS BOOOM!!!

EARLS BOOOM!!! EDITS VOL 2 -pre-order-

label:BOOOM!!! EDITS (UK)

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A1. "Brandii"
A2. "Black Sunshine"
B1. "Chuckii"
B2. "No!"

Four slices of deep house with a distinctly laid back, R&B flavour to them. 'Brandii' kicks us off in suitably relaxed manner, gorgeous harmonies and female and male voices adding to the irresistible groove and subtle layer of strings. 'Black Sunshine' is faster but retains the light touch approach, whereas 'Chuckii' is built around a sturdier four-to-the-floor kick, although the vocal content is still silky smooth. Closing track 'No!' is woozier and more dreamlike, with almost p-funk synth lines, though the Earl's arrangement leaves the percussive undercarriage that carries the track plenty of room to thrive in too.

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