Best Record Italy


label:BBE (UK)


A1. "Monologue"
A2. "Stella By Starlight" (instrumental)
A3. "Everything I Have Is Yours"
B1. "Push"
B2. "Cadillac Woman"
B3. "My Life"

Noriko Mayamoto originally recorded Push in 1978 with one of the legendary figures in Japanese jazz, Isao Suzuki. Now BBE are reissuing this highly prized piece as part of their continuing J Jazz Masterclass series, shining a light on some of the finest jazz from the Far East. Mayamoto started out dancing at Tokyo disco Mugen before embarking on a career as a soul singer, ending up scouted by Suzuki and joining his band. Push captures Suzuki's band in full flow, all fluid bass lines, swooning strings and gossamer keys creating a luxurious bed for Mayamoto's deep, soulful singing style. This record has never been released worldwide and unsurprisingly has been highly prized amongst Western collectors of Japanese music, so you can imagine how long this will stick around for given BBE's reputation for high quality reissues.

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