label:CLAREMONT 56(UK)


A Rheinlust
B Links Der Pegnitz
C Leerlauf
D1 Haruy
D2 Für Paul

Since slipping out a decade ago, Fürsattl°«s sole 12°… on Claremont 56 has become an in-demand item, thanks to a mixture of its°« undeniable quality and the patronage of several high-profile, well-regarded DJs. Because of this, the label has responded to demand for a reissue of those two tracks and announced the release of a double-album of the krautrock-inspired trio°«s works for the label.

Presented in a gatefold sleeve sporting Mark Warrington°«s original 2012 artwork and limited to 400 copies, the 2022 album edition of Rheinlust not only tells the tale of the band°«s now decade-long association with Claremont 56, but also features a previously unreleased track from the archives, °∆Für Paul°«. Tucked away at the end of the LP, the track is amongst the most atmospheric in their catalogue – a slowly building number in which celestial synthesizer chords, ambient textures, echo-laden electric piano chords and lilting synth strings rise above a rubbery bassline and Jaki Liebezeit style drums.

It provides a superb conclusion to a genuinely evocative album of music you can get lost in, but it°«s by no means the only highlight. Fittingly, the album°«s first slab of wax boasts both tracks from Fürsattl°«s hard-to-find debut 12°…: title track °∆Rheinlust°«, a driving but deep and hypnotic krautrock masterpiece full of elongated chords, restless bass, twinkling motifs and cascading electronic melodies, and the wonderfully epic °∆Links Der Pegnitz°«. Clocking in at just under 15 minutes, this sublime excursion features band members trading glistening guitar and colourful synthesizer solos over a funky but laidback groove that sits somewhere between krautrock and cosmic funk.

The album°«s second slab of wax showcases Fürsattl°«s lesser-known tracks for Claremont 56, alongside the previously mentioned unreleased cut. These two workouts were originally featured on the label°«s Claremont Editions compilations and further expand on their now trademark krautrock sound. There°«s °∆Leerlauf°«, a breathlessly up-tempo, weighty and immersive chunk of low-slung dancefloor creepiness that you°«ll want to get lost in time and again, and the twangy and buzzing °∆Haru°«, a birdsong-splattered affair that sounds like their tribute to krautrock originals Neu! and Harmonium. Like the rest of the album, these are seriously seductive outings that slowly build towards impactful, emotive conclusions.

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