YELLOW JACKETS VOL.3 -pre-order-


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A Mood Swings - Patrice Scott
B The Fifth Floor - EDB & Gary Superfly

After the Ron Trent/Other Lands smashing combo, Yellow Jackets offers its third outing. This time contributions come from Detroits own Patrice Scott and Mother Tongues young members EDB & Gary Superfly. Patrice Scott does what hes known for: emotional tech funk, rich in melodies and deep in textures! Mood Swing does exactly what the title says, keeping you dancing while mind travelling.Butter!!! On the flipside EDB & Gary Superfly, who recently broke some necks with their jam Pressure from the Madre Lingua album, deliver straight from The Fifth Floor a twisted bubbly acid number with swing a plenty and melodic overtonesa match made in heaven! Once again full impact loud pressing 12 inch as in Yellow Jackets tradition!

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