artist:JORGE BEN

DADIVA (LP) -pre-order-


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A1. "Eu Quero Ver A Rainha" (feat Tim Maia) (4:10)
A2. "Conquero" (4:24)
A3. "Dadiva Dada" (5:00)
A4. "Taj Mahal/Filho Maravilha/Pais Tropical" (7:57)
B1. "A Loba Comeu O Canario" (4:03)
B2. "Ana Tropicana" (3:45)
B3. "Energia Bom Bom" (4:37)
B4. "Rio Babilonia" (4:57)
B5. "O Reino Encantado Do Amor" (4:30)

So many hits on this awesome 1983 recording by one of the giants of Brazilian music, Jorge Ben. This masterpiece includes the great boogie joint °∆Rio Babilonia°« as well as the all-time classics °∆Taj Mahal/Pais Tropical°«, the soulful opener °∆Eu Quero Ver A Rainha°« featuring Tim Maia, and many other samba funk jams arranged by Lincoln Olivetti. Hard to find on vinyl these days, this reissue will make many collectors happy!

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