A1-Mega Chords
A2-Our Signal
B2-Paris Metro

There lies a certain guarantee of quality within every new Krystal Klear – especially on Running Back. After the still heavily rotating Piano Banana release, it is time for the versatile and valuable Connect EP. The four tracks here hit the mark between the confusion or disorientation of any dance music DJ and producer during lockdown, and the genre’s intrinsic ethos of better days , utopia and a certain relentless drive. Traces of such energies henpeck the Irish producer’s work and can also be found here. Mega Chords kick off the round dance. Imagine the French Touch retouched, updated, refined and designed to empty the serotonin storage. Our Signal puts the lid back on the happiness box, paints a picture of pain and romance and is equally informed by Larry Heard mood boards as it is by Paninaro poetry. Flip it over for a stream lined and well-crafted tour de DJ. If there ever was something like a fair-spoken banger Telephone is the one. A racing motorbike on standby. Last, but not least, Paris Metro is a power house with a creative arrangement and an inventive spin that exceeds the limits of a normal DJ tool. Modern dance music with classic tropes and lots of strobes. Krystal Klear gets that balance right. Mega Chords indeed. Short: Four tracker by the lovable Krystal Klear on the ever-reliable Running Back imprint. Ranging from inventive DJ tools (Paris Metro) to bangers in a nightgown (Telephone) and from the French Touch retouched of Mega Chords to the hopeful heartsickness of Our Signal, it’s as versatile as it’s valuable and pretty much connects the sweet dots between Piano Banana, Cyclia One/Two und Divison Ave. Modern dance music with classic tropes and lots of strobes.

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