A1. Lucid
A2. Amnesia
B1.Pillars Of Creation
B2. Gravity Loss

Tim Jackiw of Ukrainian/Australian descent grew up in Adelaide, where he is making impressive sounds on his Amiga 500 computer since the early nineties. As the techno scene thrived during that period he began to explore the cities clubs and radio stations and contributed with DJing and numerous radio shows up till 2005 when he moved to Melbourne for a permanent home. Since then he has been producing and releasing on many quality labels and running his own underground label "Offworld Records Australia" The Amnesia EP is a follow up to 2019’s successful "Monuments" LP containing 4 tracks of deep, dubby and moving aquatic housey techno. Lucid takes us down a mysterious corridor of twilight space and fleeting hypnagogic imagery, deep basses and layered percussion threaded with Tim's signature live improvisation throughout. Next up is Amnesia the title track with its haze and watery backdrop taking us through a long distant fragmented memory, a broken and decayed film reel recalled through lush expanded pads and rich strings. Side B lifts us up into Pillars of Creation, a deep space cosmic interpretation of universal birth. Finishing off the EP is Gravity loss a funky string laden exploration using off beat percussion and slivers of delayed melody swimming through the atmosphere of some distant planetary sky we can only imagine.

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