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A1 Most High Pt 1 feat Just Blaze
B1 Most High Pt 2

When Bridge Boots started out it was a way for Caserta to take classics and introduce them to the dance floor in a completely different way. Finally he said enough is enough. Instead of reintroducing classics lets make some first introductions of some new ones! The first offering is °∆Most High°«. The A Side features an extremely special guest, none other than JUST BLAAAZE but for this release we°«ll call him The Reverend Just Blaze. Rev Blaze comes with an uplifting sermon in his legendary vocal rasp over a bed of triumphant horns, flutes, vibes and strings. Let°«s be honest who couldn°«t use some °∆triumph°« these days? The B Side is a smooth disco affair that could be considered Luther 3 if it wasn°«t for the absence of Mr Vandross. Instead LA Opera tenor Ashley °»Ash°… Faatoalia and Caserta himself handle the vocal duties over disco drums, grooving bass by the incomparable Serge Gamesbourg and funky guitar by Nile°ńI mean Ryan °»Lucky Ry°… Stockbridge. With this line up it all but guarantees someone will be giving Caserta a taste of his on medicine and bootlegging him somewhere down the line ;)

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